Ssp Analytical Services B.V. 

  • Ssp Analytical Services B.V. is accredited according to the NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 standard (declaration) under registration code L587 (scope).
  • Ssp Analytical Services B.V. yearly participates in several international round robin events with a significant number of international orientated laboratories.
  • The analysis processes are based upon international standardized  analysis methods, i.e. (NEN)-ISO and ASTM, using state of the art analytical techniques.
  • Ssp Analytical Services B.V laboratory technicians are highly skilled and trained.
  • Ssp Analytical Services B.V. is officially an accredited work placement company and offers students a safe workplace that corresponds with their education or training. The students will carry out the profession of lab technician for which he or she is training with the corresponding tasks and requirements.